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About Us

About Us
Marvelous Vacation Sdn Bhd is dedicated to creating and facilitating travel experiences that expand awareness and give each person a true sense of the country and culture they are visiting. We specialize in Sandakan & Kota Kinabalu Sabah because of our roots and we know we can succeed at giving each client the most complete travel experience at the best price.

Company Profile
Being part of the tourism industry, the company mainly conducts inbound and outbound tours as well as offer transportation services on land or by air. As one of the few travel and tourism agency operators in Sandakan, Marvelous Vacation Sdn Bhd definitely has a lot of potential and opportunities to further expand and develop in the future. Recently, Marvelous Vacation Sdn Bhd has even planning expand to include a branch of its own in Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

Our mission is to Bring guest to explore and experience the Nature & Culture of Sandakan
We have always kept the motto “Your satisfaction is our priority.”

To be leading Travel Agency in the travel industry providing efficient and effective services to our customers.
Our vision at Marvelous Vacation Sdn. Bhd is to maintain and continuously improve as a unique travel agency that provides superior personalized services to all our clients. We aim to maintain our vision of high class travel services at reasonable prices through consistent leadership, controlled growth and excellent commitment.
The travel agency is staffed by employees who understand and believe in the concept of excellent customer service.

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