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Crocker Range Park

In June 2014, Crocker Range Park was recognised as a Biosphere Reserve by the International Coordinating Council for Biosphere Reserve (CRBR), a programme under Unesco.

Located in the heart of Crocker Range Park, the newly developed Sabah Park’s facility which opened in February 2004 is an ideal place for meetings, camping, jungle trekking and outdoor educational activities. Among the attractions to be found in the Crocker Range Park are the Rafflesia sites, trekking courses, birding activity and camping ground.

Opening Hours
The Crocker Range Park is open daily from 08:00am to 5.00pm.

Getting There
The bus to Keningau can be taken at the long distance bus station near Merdeka Field (to reach Keningau bus station). Schedules for departure are at 7a.m, 8a.m, 10a.m, 12p.m, 1p.m, 2p.m, and 5p.m; the bus fare to Keningau is RM16 per person.

Visitors can also take the taxi from Kota Kinabalu to the Keningau Taxi station for RM120 per taxi.
From the Keningau bus station/ Keningau Taxi station, visitors would have to take another taxi to reach the Crocker Range station. One way fare is RM40 per taxi. However, all prices are estimated and are subject to change.

Location Map

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