Marvelous Vacation

Danum Valley Conservation Area

Being remote from human habitation and almost alien to modern civilization makes the Danum Valley Conservation Area is a naturalists’ paradise. Recognized as one of the world’s most complex ecosystem, this forest serves as a natural home for endangered wildlife species such as banteng, Asian elephant, clouded leopard, orang utan, proboscis monkey, as well as a vast range of Sabah’s lowland fauna.

Here, visitors also get the chance to visit an ancient Kadazandusun burial site, complete with belian coffins and ceramic spirit jars. Three burial sites have been discovered in Danum Valley—two near the field centre and one below the cliff, overlooking Borneo Rainforest Lodge.

Getting There
Lahad Datu has direct daily flights from Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur. Another way of transportation would be air-conditioned coaches from Kota Kinabalu which will take about 7 hours drive to reach Lahad Datu.

Location Map

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